Sunday, April 30, 2017

Farm to Market 3

This painting is next in the series, with a different limited color palette. The only problem is that I don't remember what colors I had out that day, except that the pinks and purples were made with quinacridone magenta and ultramarine blue. 

Farm to Market 2

This painting is part of a series. The original was painted several years ago and was larger. This series will be 16 x 20 and have a limited color palette. This one used ultramarine blue, cadmium red light, and cadmium yellow, with accents of cobalt teal. 

Old Barns

Often, when you see a barn, there are more nearby. In this case there were three. Simplification of the landscape continues to be my focus.


The color palette in this painting reminds me of summer. The simplified shapes reflect an easy going, relaxing, time of year.


I have found myself painting more and more barns. I love how their shape breaks up the landscape. A barn can be any color and that only adds more interest.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Ranch Road

During springtime in Texas, you never know when a patch of bluebonnets will be spotted along a rural road. The limited palette of greens and blues is one of my favorites to paint.

Pitcher Perfect

Fluffy, white, hydrangeas from Trader Joe's. It was a challenge to paint all that white fluff. I think it worked out well. I'm not usually a flower painter, but this was a welcome challenge.