Monday, October 10, 2016

Sharing Secrets

This painting was pure fun! I poured some paint on the canvas, tried to make some interesting shapes and worked with a horizontal composition. Then I tried a vertical composition, them went back and forth between the two until I decided on the vertical composition of two intertwined figures. The color palette was limited and values were played with until it worked. Done!


This is a triptych, three separate paintings which I worked on side by side. The only common element is the golden grasses that are in the middle. The backgrounds don't line up, but that was on purpose. Sometimes I want to create a little tension in my work. Did you find any other places where you said to yourself, "Why is that...or I wish that was...?" If you thought it, then I was successful. 

Standing Tall

I don't know where I took the picture of this barn, but something about it makes me paint it again and again. It's the same barn as in the painting "Hay There" painted in 2013, and again in "Margo's Barn" which was painted earlier this year, but not posted....yet.

Picked Out

Perfect time to post this painting, Fall is in the air. This is from a trip to a farmer's market in Lincoln Park. This subject has been painted a couple times, but this is my favorite.